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Surveillance cameras company, enables you to monitor your business and properties more professionally than ever before. Get professional security systems products and services at the best competitive price for high quality.

And all of our products comply with the specifications of the civil defense, and we issue letters of commitment attached to the sales invoices to complete the administrative control procedures.

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A surveillance camera company, there is a great advantage in buying cameras from a well-known source locally, that sells an internationally known brand, which is the technical support feature and the permanent guarantee.

Imagine with me “Abdullah” wants to buy surveillance cameras from the Amazon site, and he decided and actually bought and received at the door a carton of the necessary contents.

But he does not know how to install and program it !!

Yes, it is easy to find a technician who installs security cameras to install, but what if a technical malfunction occurs later?

Will he contact Amazon to send him someone to replace the damaged camera? Or will he contact the same installer and payment technician again? !!

Rather, what would happen if he did not find the same model of this type of camera and had to replace the system completely !!

Therefore, we recommend that you buy from a well-known local source selling an international brand, you simply will find them when you need them and then you will find hundreds of alternatives for replacement, update or development in the same brand.







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The importance of surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras are one of the most important priorities of this era. Every person who wants to maintain his safety and the safety of his workplace and his family must have surveillance cameras.

Whereas he can place it in his workplace, his home, or any place he wants to monitor, so that this makes him feel safe and secure on his property, and this also contributes to the detection of people who carry out multiple crimes and their accountability before the law and retribution from them,

Surveillance cameras in Riyadh
Night vision surveillance cameras



Not incendiary lasers! Do not worry, all there is to it is that the modern technology of the cameras is equipped with infrared technology, which will allow seeing at night, the camera can see things at night even if you do not see them with the eye.

This happens automatically, and you can find out from the recording image. If the image is in bright colors, this means that the camera is working in a daytime or high optical range.

But if the photography is in black and white, this means that the camera is shooting during complete darkness.

Installation of surveillance cameras company

Not everyone can properly install security cameras, there are many important details, which are known by those who are experienced.

Such as the correct angle of direction, height and drop, hiding the connections as much as possible, how close or far the camera is to the control room, the camera’s view range of 15 meters or 30 meters.

As well as the method of drilling a wall or ceiling, the distribution of cameras in a way that includes monitoring the largest amount of space required, and many other details.

Installing surveillance cameras in Riyadh

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